Essential things to know about postnatal massage

Essential things to know about postnatal massage

Nothing beats the benefits that come along with a good postnatal massage. However, some concerns make people hesitant to take up these services. Outsourcing the services of a postnatal therapist from Jamu massage presents the best way of improving the quality of life during pregnancy. That said, here are key things to know about postnatal massages.

The benefits of a good postnatal massage goes beyond feeling good

Most mothers perceive postnatal massage as a feel good service. This is massageperception is wrong. Apart from feeling good, numerous benefits come along with having a good massage. First, with a massage, one benefits from reduced back pains and swellings. Secondly, for CS mothers, it hastens the healing process. Thirdly, a good massage works as an antidepressant as the process eases out whack hormones that are responsible for depression.

Consult your gynecologist first before going for a postnatal massage

Over time, postnatal massages have proved to have incredible benefits. Unfortunately, not all women can have a postnatal massage. As such, it is important to consult your gynecologist before starting postnatal massages. For example, opting for a massage shortly after delivery is not the best thing you should do. As such, consult your gynecologist for the ideal time of starting massage sessions.

Check if the massage therapist is certified

Before hiring a postnatal massage therapist, inquire if they are certified to work with pregnant women. Ensuring this will guarantee you benefits such as effectiveness in reducing back, nerve and muscle aches. Additionally, trained personnel have the knowledge on points to avoid that may result in complications. Lastly, a trained therapist knows the ideal pressure to apply. All these guarantee you best massage results. As such, never underestimate the need of outsourcing a certified postnatal massage therapist.

Added perks from massage oil

massageAfter delivery, many women experience changes in their skin texture. This may cause concerns. Outsourcing postnatal massage therapist will keep you from such concerns. Ideally, massage oils such as shea butter, vitamin E oils, grape seed oil among others have the capability of improving the skin texture, reducing stretch marks. Thus, you can request your therapist to employ these types of oils.


For many mothers, the idea of finding time to visit their therapist may be hectic. This should no longer be a worry because nowadays you can get these services at home. You are only required to book an appointment with a therapist that offers mobile services. Thus, the next time you feel traveling to get these services is a burden, find an expert that is willing to attend to you in the comfort of your home.…